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Video testimony : The success of a client from Réunion

Our partner BHL carried out an assessment and installed a trap for Jean-Benoît Poncet near Saint-Paul on the island of La Réunion and there were noticeable results 2 weeks after installation.

With the surge in cases of Dengue fever in the region, this customer wanted to protect his family from the risk of transmission by the mosquito often found in the island’s vegetation. With a large garden populated by insects and bordered by trees, Mr Poncet, who also has a beehive and a fish pond, above all wanted to preserve the biodiversity and not expose his family to insecticides.

After 2 or 3 weeks, the results could be felt with a clear decline in the number of bites and a significant amount of mosquitoes captured. The family was able to take back ownership of its garden and the children could enjoy outdoor games once again.

Obviously I now endorse it, it is effective.